Hi I'm Celeste I simplify WordPress to help entrepreneurs create their dream website and launch their store, business and brand.

Stop struggling to figure WordPress out on your own and confidently launch your website FAST....even if you're not techie.  I'll show you how!

What's Your Goal?


ONE PAGER will do! I just need a simple online presence that effectively gives others an overview of what I do and how to get in touch with me. I have no plans to continuously update it.


ECOMMERCE is it!- I want to sell stuff! I want to create a website that I can easily offer my products to purchase. I can add my services and items as often as I want...MY OWN LITTLE ONLINE SHOP!


I'M BORN TO BLOG!- I love to write and share fresh information and articles regularly! Hell, I may even like to use my blog to bring in some cheddar with affiliates.

I’m an ex-dance instructor turned blog and brand strategist whose been blogging for over 10 years. (Want the full deets? Click here!)

Now I help other women reclaim their midlife mojo, get unstuck and flip their hobby into a profitable income stream through blogging and finally gain financial freedom by doing what they love.

Your success gives me a reason to whip up one of my famous mean martinis at the end of the day and celebrate another woman following their dream of investing in themselves by growing a purposeful business at any age.

So stick with me and let’s get your gift NOTICED and start bringing home the bacon by doing what you love.

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Bury yourself in a blog

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How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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12 Must Read Books for Today’s Female Entrepreneurs

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“I started by business with no idea how powerful Pinterest was going to be for my business. After using this guide I learned just how powerful this platform could be. My traffic has now doubled to my site and I now have “Superfans” as Celeste calls them. These fans have now turned into customers of mine!”
Maegon Renee
Wellness Expert
“I’ve been pinning for awhile and really couldn’t wrap my mind around just how Pinterest could help bring in more visitors to my blog. I took a chance and purchased your Entrepreneur’s Pinterest Guide and it put all the pieces of the puzzle together! Loved the quick videos to help and the all the tips sprinkled throughout the guide. Thanks for creating such a well laid out guide that us newbie bloggers can easily follow 😉 ”
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